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Red Hair Color and 8 Different Reflection Shades

Red hair color , which is one of the most preferred colors for those who like warm-toned colors in their hair, and the dye numbers of all reflection tones under this heading.

What Color Is Red Hair?

Red hair color is a warm and striking color created by the combination of intense red and orange tones. Red hair color is considered a bold and eye-catching choice. This color, which is frequently preferred in hair trends, can turn into a feature that emphasizes a person’s character and style.

Who Suits Red Hair Color?

Red hair color is among the hair colors that suit white, wheat and dark skinned people . You can achieve the desired look in your hair by choosing one of the red tones that suits your skin color.

Red hair also creates a wonderful contrast in light-skinned people and makes the skin color look more vibrant.

Additionally, red hair color is a bold and eye-catching option that emphasizes a person’s style and character. This tone, which is frequently preferred in hair color trends, is ideal for individuals who seek originality and want to make a difference.

With hair care and appropriate tone selection, red hair color can remain vibrant and bright for a long time, highlighting the natural beauty of the person.

How to Get Red Hair Color?

To get red hair color; You can have a red color in your hair by mixing hair dye and oxidant suitable for the red tones you have chosen and applying it to your hair.

If your hair color is black ; First of all, you need to lighten your hair color enough to match the red tones.

If your hair color is light tones ; You can have red hair by dyeing it directly with red hair dyes without bleaching.

Dye Numbers for Red Hair Color and Shades

and hair dye brands of the red tones you want in your hair color in the table below. You can determine the lightness and darkness of the reflection tones of the brands that are most commonly used and provide the most effective results in red tones, according to your preference.

#Red Hair Color ShadePaint NumberPaint Brand
1Red coffee6.46L’oreal Majirel
2Red Copper6/4Wella Koleston
3Dark Red5.6 or 6.6Hush The Passion
4Light Red8.43Wella Koleston Perfect Me+
5Intense Red7.66Hush The Passion
6Wine Red5-889Schwarzkopf Vital Colors
7Red Chestnut6.68Schwarzkopf Igora Royal
8Red Violet5.67Keune Tinta Color
red hair colors numbers

Red Hair Color Shades

Red hair color has multiple reflection tones within itself. Some of these reflection tones have higher copper reflections, and some have higher brown reflections. We have shared the reflection tones and pictures of red colors for you below.

Now is the time to discover the red hair you have wanted and dreamed of!

Red coffee

red coffee
red coffee

Red brown tones are among the colors preferred by those who like warm toned hair colors. For those who favor both warmth and naturalness, this tone, which is a mixture of brown tones and red tones, is among the very popular and easy-to-care colors today.

To have a reddish brown color in your hair; You can choose L’oreal Majirel 6.46 hair dye.

Red Copper

red copper
red copper

Red copper tones are a warm and striking color and are created by blending copper and red tones. This color blends perfectly with skin tones and softens facial features.

Red copper is a color that can be used in all seasons; While it shines under the sun in summer, it is effective in adding warmth and energy against the cold tones of winter.

To obtain the red copper tone; You can apply Wella koleston 6/4 or Hush The Passion 7.64 hair number.

Dark Red

dark red
dark red

Dark red colors add depth and density to the hair and also offer a dazzling shine. When using hair dye, the main tone of the colors we choose will be darker.

For example; 5.6 red hair dye is darker than 6.6 red hair dye. The darker you make the main tone, the darker red your hair color will be.

Light Red

light red
light red

For those who love both light and warm tones; Light red tones are a great idea! With this hair color, your hair will be in light colors, it will gain warmth with red reflections and you will have a brighter and more sparkling hair color.

To have light red hair color; By applying Wella Koleston Perfect Me+ 8.46 hair dye, you can dye your hair in light red tones.

Intense Red

intense red
intense red

Intense red tones are tones in which the red hair color reflection is more dominant and the pigment is intense. Since the two reflections will be more intense when they come together, the red reflection in your hair color will appear brighter and more dominant.

If you want intense red in your hair color and want it to be 6.66 or lighter, you can have this color by choosing 7.66 hair dye.

you can obtain a more dominant and intense red tone by adding some (5-10 grams) of Schwarzkopf Igora 0-88 red intensifier to your paint.

Wine Red

wine red
wine red

The wine red tone takes its name from the fact that it resembles the color of wine among the public because the red hair dye pigment is more and the red reflections are more. It is possible to see more red reflections in our hair in these tones.

To apply the wine red tone to your hair; You can use Schwarzkopf Vital Colors 5-889 hair dye.

Red Chestnut

red chestnut
red chestnut

Red chestnut is among the most natural shades among red hair colors and suits people with dark skin. With this hair tone, you can achieve a natural and bright look. While it looks beautiful on your hair, it is among the easiest red colors to care for.

If you want red chestnut tones in your hair; You can choose Schwarzkopf Igora Royal 6.68 hair dye.

Red Violet

red violet
red violet

Red violet is among the most striking and bold shades of red. It provides a great look regardless of the age of the person using it. Additionally, those with pale skin color can have a more vibrant appearance and increase their external energy by choosing this color.

Keune Tinta Color 5.67 hair dye is the hair dye you are looking for to have the hair color you see above.

Red Hair Color FAQ

We have listed the frequently asked questions about red hair color for those who want to change their hair color, with their answers below. If you have any questions about the red color, please leave them in the comments section below.

Does Red Color Damage Hair?

Red color does not damage your hair, but you can minimize damage by applying moisture treatments to your hair.

Does Red Hair Color Fade?

As with all warm hair colors, red hair color may fade over time. To minimize color bleeding, you can use shampoos produced for dyed hair.

Does Red Hair Color Make You Look Younger?

Red hair color generally provides a young and energetic appearance. These warm tones can revitalize skin tone, reduce signs of aging and add a natural freshness to the person.

How Can I Maintain Red Hair Color?

To preserve red hair color; You should not wash it with extremely hot water, you should wash it with color protecting shampoos. Additionally, since warm tones such as red fade faster, applying hair polish once every two months is sufficient.

What Color Does Red Hair Become When It Flows?

When the red hair color fades, you will not be able to achieve the lively and bright look you had on the first day you dyed it. When the red colors begin to flow, they begin to transition towards orange.

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