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10 Different Options for Blow Dry Styles

Blow dry styles can be applied in different ways depending on the person’s hair length, hair structure and personal preference. Sometimes the blow dryer styles we apply to our hair may not be the right choice.

We wrote a comprehensive article about blow dry models and their names , illustrated examples and how to apply them that will inspire you .

Best Blow Dry Styles

best blow dry styles
best blow dry styles

People love differences. One of the most important things we want to look different is our hair. Someone with straight hair wants it wavy, someone with wavy hair wants it straight. This is the law of nature, man always wants and desires what he does not have.

Below, we share with you the most preferred blow dry styles and how you should apply them, depending on the length and structure of your hair.

Straight Blow Dry Styles

straight blow dry styles
straight blow dry styles

Flat blow dryer is to give heat to our hair, giving it a straight appearance, with the help of a brush and a blow dryer.

To blow dry straight , place the blow dryer brush towards the root of the section you have parted your hair. Then, apply heat with a blow dryer towards the upper base of the brush and gently lower the brush downwards.

To ensure that the straight blow dry is permanent, you can straighten the hair roots thoroughly with the help of heat, repeat the process with thick strands after the blow dry is finished, and finally fix it with hair spray and stylers.

People with curly or wavy hair generally prefer straight blow dryers. The reason for this is that you get bored of always having a fluffy hair, and sometimes you want to finish the day with a different hair.

If you have extremely curly and frizzy hair, you can make your hair permanently straight with keratin care .

If you have difficulty blow-drying at home and want to have your hair blow-dried, you can have your hair blow-dried at hair salons for 25-50$

Broken Blow Dry Styles

broken blow dry styles
broken blow dry styles

Broken blow dry is a hair styling technique by turning the hair with metal blow dry brushes to give it a wavy appearance.

To blow dry your hair at home, after drying your hair thoroughly, separate it into strands so that they do not extend beyond the blow dryer brush, place the blow dryer brush on the separated hair section and curl it downwards while applying heat with the blow dryer.

Broken blow drying is applied using metal brushes of different sizes, depending on the desired thinness and thickness of the hair waves and the length of your hair. The dimensions of metal brushes are as follows;

  • 20mm
  • 25mm
  • 33mm
  • 43mm

You can use 20, 25 mm brushes to apply the broken blow dryer to short hair.

If you want to blow dry medium length hair, you can use the 33m metal brush.

the 33mm blow dryer for your long hair and the 43mm blow dryer for more natural waves and water wave blow drying .

The difference between broken blow dryer and curling iron; It is applied with a blow-dry brush and blow dryer, and curling is done by waving the hair with curling irons. In appearance, a broken blow dryer looks more natural.

Having a broken blow dryer at hairdressers varies between 30-40$ , depending on the price policy of the salons.

Animated Blow Dry Styles

animated blow dry styles
animated blow dry styles

Moving blow dry is a blow dry model that is created by mixing the entire hair by shaping it inwards and outwards, without sticking to a single blow dry type.

If you wish, after curling some strands of your hair inward and some strands outward, wrap it around your finger and secure it with the help of pliers. After applying this process to your entire hair, wait for it to cool for approximately 10-15 minutes.

After your hair has cooled, move it forward and mix all the hair in your hands. Then mix with light hold hairspray. In this way, you will both blow dry your hair and have a voluminous look.

Mobile blow drying is generally done with thin or metal blow drying brushes. Having a layered haircut allows you to use this blow dryer more comfortably.

Wavy Blow Dry Styles

wavy blow dry styles
wavy blow dry styles

Wavy blow dry is a type of blow dry that creates a wave shape from the roots to the ends of our hair. To create a wavy blow dry, the metal blow dry brush is placed at the bottom of our hair and pulled downwards by rotating it 3-4 times.

When blow-drying wavy hair, make sure your hair is not damp. Wavy blow-drying when wet will fall off quickly and make blow-drying very difficult.

People sometimes confuse wavy blow dryers with broken blow dryers. The wavy blow-dry is pulled from the roots to the ends of the hair, while the broken blow-dry is pulled towards the ends.

If you want to have a wavy blow dry at the hairdresser, you need to pay an amount of 35-40$, depending on the location and quality of the hairdresser.

Air Blow Dryer Styles

cool blow dryer styles
cool blow dryer styles

Air blow dryer is among the most preferred types of blow dryers by people with thin and dull hair. These people, as well as people attending special events, may prefer a cool blow dryer to look more attractive.

You can give your hair a cooler look by blow-drying it in the opposite direction of the hair growth .

The trick to using an air blow dryer is to blow dry it in reverse. You can also give your hair a cooler look after blow-drying, by wrapping your hair with the help of bougidi and pliers, waiting until it cools down, and then loosening your hair.

The air blow dryer we apply to our hair to make it more permanent; You can apply crepe to the bottom parts and stabilizer spray to the ends.

Short Hair Blow Dry Styles

short hair blow dry styles
short hair blow dry styles

For short hair, you can use wavy blow-dry, split blow-dry and crepe blow-dry options, just like all hair.

To blow-dry short hair wavyly, place the blow-dry brush diagonally at the bottom of the hair and apply heat from the top with the blow dryer. This technique allows you to blow dry your hair comfortably and gives your hair a voluminous appearance.

To blow dry short hair, you need to use thin blow dryer brushes. You can blow dry short hair using small metal brushes . For those who cannot use a brush, you can blow- dry your short hair wavyly with curling irons .

Crepe Blow Dry Styles

crepe blow dry styles
crepe blow dry styles

Crepe blow dryer is a type of blow dryer that, after blow-drying your hair, crepe is applied to the roots or in between with the help of a comb.

For the crepe blow dry application, first blow dry your hair straight or wavy, then finish the process by curling it with the help of a thin (skewed) comb. To make it more permanent, you can apply a holding spray to the crepes you throw.

Crepe blow dryer makes your hair look more voluminous and thicker.

Fluffy Blow Dry Styles

fluffy blow dry styles
fluffy blow dry styles

Fluffy blow dry is a type of blow dry that occurs when the hair is fluffed in a voluminous manner while blow drying. Another name is voluminous blow dryer.

Fluffy blow dry is generally preferred by people with thin and low volume hair.

To create a fluffy blow-dry, throw your hair forward and blow-dry it in reverse. After blow-drying, spray the fixing hair spray from a distance and tousle your hair with your fingers.

Inward Blow Dry Styles

inward blow dry styles
inward blow dry styles

Inward blow drying is when the ends of our hair are turned inwards. While blow drying our hair, when we reach the ends, you can lift the blow dryer brush upwards and blow dry our hair inwards .

When blow-drying your hair inward, you should choose medium and wide blow-dry brushes. You will have difficulty blow-drying with thin brushes, and if you curl them too much inwards, a bad look may occur.

When blow drying inward, our haircut needs to be layered. In straight cuts, we cannot comfortably blow dry our hair ends inwards.

Outward Blow Dry Styles

outward blow dry styles
outward blow dry styles

Outward blow dry styles are models that can be used by people with layered haircuts. This blow dryer model has been used for women since ancient times and is still valid today.

This blow dryer model, which is generally preferred by older people, looks very stylish in appearance, although it is not preferred by young people.

To blow dry outwards, place the blow dryer brush at the very ends of our hair, after the brush is on top and the hair is at the bottom, apply heat from the bottom with the blow dryer and constantly turn the brush. Apply this process to all your hair.

After completing this process, apply fixing spray by holding the extreme parts outward with our fingers. In this way, we will achieve more outward-looking hair and ensure that our hair blow-dry is more permanent.


The blow dryers we use may vary depending on the length and structure of our hair. While we use thinner brushes for short hair, we need to use wider brushes for long hair. We use thin brushes for curlier hair and thick brushes for more natural curls.

Additionally, before blow-drying our hair, we need to use hair products that protect from heat and dry our hair thoroughly so that no moisture remains. In this way, you can eliminate dryness and wear that may occur due to heat.

Do not blow dry your hair every day. Hair that is blow-dried every day may become dry as it is constantly exposed to heat.

If you are going to use your hair the next day, you can wrap it with the help of bougidi or small forceps, sleep like that, and when you wake up the next day, you can open your hair and start the day ready.

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