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Everything You Need to Know About Hair Polish

Hair polish is a hair coloring technique used to prevent problems such as dullness, pale color and orange color that occur in our hair over time.

In our article, we shared all the information you need to know about applying wax to your hair.

What is Hair Polish?

Hair wax is the process of adding pigment to the hair, prepared with the help of hair dyes, in order to correct the hair color of people who have dyed hair and who experience problems such as fading, dulling and especially orange and red turning day by day.

Hair polishes do not have color lightening properties.

Why is Hair Polish Done?

why is hair waxed
why is hair waxed

Hair polish is a diluted version of hair dyes and is used to prevent unwanted colors in the hair.

For example; If you dyed your hair in ash-brown tones, but over time the ashy tones disappeared and your hair became orange, you can eliminate this orange by applying wax to your hair.

If the ends of your hair have been colored such as ombre, highlights, balayage and the initial color has changed over time, it is possible to return your hair color to its original state with the help of wax.

How to Polish Hair?

wax the hair
wax the hair

Waxing the hair is done with a mixture of colors in the tone you want on your hair and 6-10% volume oxidant.

While preparing the hair polish, add 10 grams of the hair polish dye numbers in the tones you want and 40-50 grams of 6-10% volume into the non-metal bowl and mix.

Then, apply the mixture to all your hair, leaving 1 centimeter from the roots. After waiting 15-20 minutes, you can rinse your hair.

Preparing Hair Polish According to Hair Color

preparing hair polish
preparing hair polish

Preparing hair polish is done with hair dyes that belong to the reflection tones you are using or want.

Let’s give an example; If you use your hair color in copper tones and want to prepare hair polish at home ; You can mix 15 grams and 40 grams of 7.44 hair dye in 10 volumes and apply it to the ends.

Let’s give another example; You have a dark auburn-red tone color and you want to wax your hair; You can mix 10 volumes of 6.66 hair dye and apply it to your hair ends.

Based on the examples I gave above, you can polish your hair by finding the tones suitable for your hair from the catalog.

If you do not know the paint numbers for the tones you want, you can get detailed information from the link below.

Hair Dye Colors

If your hair color is in cold tones, you can add purple shampoo into the polish you have prepared. Purple shampoo will help your polish achieve cooler tones.

Ombre Hair Polish

ombre hair polish
ombre hair polish

Ombre is one of the techniques for shading naturally towards the ends, without interfering with our bottom color. When doing ombre, lightening is done and the color pigments in the hair are emptied. Since the color pigments in the hair are discharged, color bleeding occurs more quickly in the ombre areas.

Ombre hair polish, do not forget to take note of the polish numbers prepared after the ombre is done. If you had ombre done at the hairdresser, ask for the hair polish formula he applied .

Example; You had an ombre done at the hairdresser and the tone was done in cold blonde colors and you want to polish your hair again;

You can mix Schwarzkopf Igora 9.5-1 color with 10 volumes and apply it to the ombre sections at the ends of your hair.

Let’s give another example; A beige chocolate ombre was applied to your hair and your color faded over time. Then you can prepare ombre polish at home by mixing Schwarzkopf Igora 6.46 hair dye with 10 volumes.

In case of color fading or bleeding in your ombre hair, apply the formula to your hair, wait 15-20 minutes and then rinse your hair.

Is Hair Polish Dye?

Yes. The polish we apply to our hair is just the hair dye we use for toning purposes. While normal hair dye gets support from the main tones and prepares it more strictly, varnish is a hair dye that is more watery and prepared only with reflection tones.

How Many Days After Hair Coloring Should You Apply Hair Polish?

to polish your hair 1 week after bleaching and dyeing your hair . Since the color pigments of your hair are completely discharged during the bleaching process, the first dye will flow faster.

How Many Washes Does Hair Polish Run?

Depending on the structure of your hair and the tones you use, the polish will wear off in approximately 1 month. This period may extend up to 1.5 months, depending on the shampoo, care products you use and the frequency of washing your hair.

make your hair color last longer and to prevent the polish from bleeding .

Does Hair Polish Cover White?

Since we do not get support from the main tones when preparing the varnish for our hair, it does not have the white covering feature. The polish is prepared with reflection tones only. For example, 7.0 is the main tone, 7.34 is the reflection tone.

Does Hair Polish Cause Allergies?

Since we do not apply the polish we prepared to the roots of the hair, there is no allergic reaction.

Hair Polish Price

Hair polish prices vary between 25-50$ on average, depending on the price policy of the hairdressers.

If you want to apply it yourself at home, hair dye and oxidant costs will cost between 20-30$ on average.

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