Red Hair Color and 8 Different Reflection Shades

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Red hair color , which is one of the most preferred colors for those who like warm-toned colors in their…



hair polish

Everything You Need to Know About Hair Polish

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Hair polish is a hair coloring technique used to prevent problems such as dullness, pale color and orange color that occur in our hair over time. In our article, we…
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10 Different Options for Blow Dry Styles

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Blow dry styles can be applied in different ways depending on the person’s hair length, hair structure and personal preference. Sometimes the blow dryer styles we apply to our hair…
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Lunar Calendar Hair Cutting Days 2024

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Beauty and care are an important part of our lives. Hair can be an element that reflects our personal style and self-confidence. However, sometimes it can be difficult to get…

What is an oxidant? What is it for? 2024

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Oxidant is a white, creamy chemical liquid that we add to hair dyes and hair lighteners when coloring our hair. Who wants to change their hair color and which oxidant…
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What is Keratin Care? How To?

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Keratin care is a type of hair care that allows us to repair our dried and damaged hair and also straightens the hair. In this article, we will share how…
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Best Hair Dye

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For those who want to dye their hair, we have shared the best hair dye brands and hair dye recommendations used by hairdressers on this page. List of the Best…
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Keratin Brands

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We have included professional and best keratin products on this page for those who want to have keratin care for their hair and are researching the best keratin brands used…