What is an oxidant? What is it for? 2024

Oxidant is a white, creamy chemical liquid that we add to hair dyes and hair lighteners when coloring our hair.

Who wants to change their hair color and which oxidant should I use? We have published comprehensive content for those who ask.

What is an oxidant?

When we dye and lighten our hair, the chemical we mix with the dye and lightener is called an oxidant.

What Does Oxidant Do?

The oxidant enables the hair dyes and powder lighteners we use to change the color pigments of our hair to be active, allowing them to penetrate further into the hair strands. Oxidants occur at four different levels. You need to choose the most suitable oxidant according to the process you will perform.

What are the Oxidant Types?

There are 4 different oxidant types: 10, 20, 30 and 40 volumes. These types of usage areas vary depending on the procedure you will do and the condition of the hair. Below we explain the usage areas of 4 different volumes for you.

10 Volumes (3%)

10 Volume (3%) is used to darken hair color. Example;

If your hair color is in copper tones and you want to turn your hair black, you can use 10 volumes.

If your hair color is black and you have grays in your own hair, you can use 10 volumes to prevent the whites from shining.

Additionally, if the ends of your hair have lightened a few shades over time, you can polish them by mixing 10 volumes of the dye that matches your end color.

Volume 10 does not have hair lightening properties.

Result: 10 Volumes (3%) are used in dark colors and polishing processes.

20 Volumes (6%)

20 Volume (6%) is used in root dyeing processes and covering white hair. Example;

If your hair color is brown tones and 1 month has passed and your darker color has come out 1.5-2 centimeters from the roots, you can use it by mixing 20 volumes with the hair dye suitable for your hair color.

20 Volume has the feature of lightening 1-2 tones and breaking the hair color.

Conclusion; 20 Volume is generally used in bottom dyeing and breaking hair color.

30 Volumes (9%)

30 Volume (9%) is used in very light hair dyeing processes and hair lightening (complete lightening, balayage, ombre) processes.

30 Volume has the ability to lighten hair color up to 2-3 shades.

You can use it in bottom dyeing processes if your white ratio is below 50% and if you are dyeing in light tones.

Conclusion; 30 Volume is used for hair dyeing and lightening in light tones.

40 Volumes (12%)

40 Volume (12%) is used for very light hair color dyeing processes. Due to its high work rate, it is used to obtain very light hair colors, but it must be constantly monitored and applied with professional help.

It is definitely not recommended for very dry and damaged hair.

Conclusion; 40 Volume is used on very light hair colors, but should not be used without professional support.

How to Decrease Oxidant Volume?

To reduce the level of volume you accidentally purchased, you can reduce its level by adding water or conditioner.

How Are Oxidant Volumes Determined?

As the level of oxidants increases, its effect also increases. You need to choose the most correct volume according to the operation you will do.

You can use 10 Volumes (3%) for darkening the hair color, 20 Volumes (6%) for deep dyeing processes, and 30 Volumes (9%) and 40 Volumes (12%) for lightening and shading processes, depending on the tone you want and the structure of the hair.

Hair Dyeing with Oxidant

dye hair with oxidant
dye hair with oxidant

10 Volume is used to dye your hair darker tones, 20 Volume is used for bottom dyeing, and 30 Volume is used to dye your hair up to 2-3 shades lighter.

The mixture of hair dye and volume should be 1:1. For example; The formula should be prepared by adding 60 grams of volume to 60 grams of hair dye.

We recommend that you choose volumes produced specifically for the hair dye you use whenever possible. If you do not know about the ingredients of hair dyes, we have explained the dye brands and their ingredients for you in the link below;

Can I Dye Hair Without Oxidants?

The oxidant enables hair dyes to be active and ensures that the hair pigment changes more permanently and quickly. Therefore, hair cannot be dyed without oxidants.

Hair Lightening with Oxidant

hair lightening with oxidant
hair lightening with oxidant

To lighten your hair, you need to use 20 Volum, up to 2-3 tones, 30 Volum, and 40 Volum for higher tones, which you will apply with the hair lighteners you will use.

However, the level of opener you will use is as important as the level of volume in the opening process. There is information on the packaging of the openers about the maximum color they can open. In some openers this level may be 7, in others it may be 9.

Before purchasing your lightener product, pay attention to how many shades it can open.

The hair color bleaching process may cause dryness in your hair. For the health of your hair, do not forget to care for your hair after the process.

How Many Minutes Should You Wait for Hair Lightening with Oxidant?

The lighteners you prepared with the oxidant should be kept on your hair for approximately 35-50 minutes, depending on the color tone you want and the health condition of your hair.

Oxidant alone does not lighten hair; it must be used together with powder lightener.

What should be the measurements of powder lightener and oxidant?

Before mixing powder lighteners with oxidant, we need to act according to the instructions for use of the lightener. The mixing ratio may vary from product to product. The important thing here is that the formula we have prepared has an easily spreadable and creamy structure.

If it is too solid, you will have difficulty applying it to your hair; if it is too liquid, you may not achieve the desired result during the bleaching process.

If the powder opener you have does not have instructions for use; Prepare and mix 50 grams of powder lightener + 50 grams of oxidant with the help of a precision scale. After checking the form with a brush, if it is too solid, you can add 10-15 grams more volume.

Eyebrow Lightening with Oxidant

To lighten your eyebrow color , you can lighten your eyebrows by applying 3O Volume (9%) along with hair dye in light shades. We definitely do not recommend powder remover for eyebrow lightening procedures.

When lightening your eyebrow color, you can lighten it by mixing a small amount of hair dye and volume. (1-2 grams).

If you do not want your eyebrows to open naturally and have a red reflection, you can mix light ash brown (8.1) and 30 volumes and apply it to your eyebrows.

To lighten your eyebrow color, simply leave it on for 3-4 minutes.

Frequently asked Questions

Does It Damage Hair?

Once the correct volume level and correct waiting time is applied, it causes minimal damage.

Is it Harmful to Health?

If you have allergies, skin problems or pregnancy, it would be beneficial to consult your doctor before the procedure.


In our article, we explained the purposes for which 4 different volumes of oxidant should be used. If you have the opportunity to dye your hair, we recommend that you get support from professionals.

If you do these operations yourself at home and have manual dexterity, we recommend that you use your own hair dye and hair lightener products and do not leave the products you have purchased open to prevent their effect from diminishing.

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